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Stan Ternent

Author: DAFC.net Date: Friday, 4th Jun 2004

Some information about Stan from the editor of the Burnley website James Malcolm:

Stan Ternent is 57 years old,
He was born in Gateshead,
He is a UEFA Grade A coach,
His potential as a coach was spotted by Bob Stoke, legendary Sunderland manager and Jack Hickson, legendary coach who found players like Shearer.
He has been Assistant Manager at Chelsea and Palace, at Palace he was there as they got to the FA Cup final, indeed they may have won it.
His contacts in the game are first rate, strong links with Manchester United, who will be bringing their FIRST team for a testimonial for Stan Ternent.
Old school manager, he has an autobiography, that to be honest does not suggest he is the nicest person, but he is passionate and gets results.
Led Burnley to promotion to the first division and 2 consecutive 7th place finishes, missing out on the play offs by one goal scored (not even goal difference!)
Kept Burnley in the First Division for 5 consecutive years, including having to sell a star striker and cut wages by around 50% last year.

He is a very good manager in my view and someone who is hilarious in press conferences as he is old school, mad and to be honest is tough to interview as he can be curt!

Many people did not like his old school style fully, but he did get results, even if the last 2 years did not match the first 4 for quality. I think you could do a lot worst at Dunfermline.

I forgot to mention he took Bury FC from the third to the first division and kept them there over 3 years (2 successive promotions) on limited/no money.

His style of football is certainly not long ball, indeed we played some of the best flowing football many clarets had seen in 20 years, Burnley fans generally do not appreciate long ball you see. He gets results and the football will match the quality of players you have.

His autobiography was very funny, at one point top 10 football books on Amazon - yes he comes a cross as not the nicest guy, but he has passion, is a damn good football manager and is well respected in the game, in fact very well respected.

I still believe he would do a good job for you and to be honest I did not want him to leave Turf Moor- but our board, probably rightly decided to freshen things up after 6 successful years.

Thanks for that James.

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